Heiko Stowasser

Welcome to this Simple Website created by me.

About Me


I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati

Primary Interests:

Embedded Systems and Hardware Security

I am graduating with my bachelors this year
and will be going back for my masters. I plan
on doing research in the field of Hardware Security.
I am interested in doing research related to
side-channel resistant cryptographic hardware.


Colorfy GmbH

Embedded Software Development Intern

Jan 2019 – Aug 2019
  • Collaborated in the development of several consumer IoT devices.
  • Wrote I2C drivers in C for multiple sensors.
  • Used Vagant to delpoy virtual build environments for software development

Fives Machining Systems

Controls Engineering Co-op

Jan 2017 - Aug 2018 (Alternating \W School Semesters)
  • Developed .NET applications for Windows.
  • Created a simple HMI Application.
  • Ported pre-.NET Windows XP applications to Windows 7.


FPGA Implementation of AES

In Fall of 2019, as the final project for my embedded systems class, I along with three of my classmates implemented the AES block cipher algorithm in Verilog and wrapped it as an AXI slave so that it could be used by a MicroBlaze

MITRE Embedded Capture the Flag Competition

This year I am competing in the MITRE eCTF competition. It is a semester long competition in which teams from universities across the country each create a secure embedded system and then try to hack each others designs. For the project we implemented several cryptographic functions on an FPGA to improve the performance of our system. We designed our own 1024 bit RSA module, using the left to right modular exponentiation algorithm for improved performance.


C Programming

I have over two year of experience with the C programming language, both in an academic and professional setting. I have an understanding of fundamental concepts important in embedded systems such as memory management and memory mapped registers.

FPGA Programming

I have experience with Verilog and VHDL, and have developed AES and RSA hardware accelerators using Verilog. My main development environment has been Vivado, and I have gained some experience in automating builds using TCL scripts.